Your AP scores could earn you college credit or advanced placement (meaning you could skip certain courses in college). After you have thought about what kinds of AP® classes you want to take, bring your list to a teacher in that subject area and ask their opinion. Ivy League colleges and other highly selective institutions often use something called the Academic Index.A tool for assessing applicants, the Academic Index is a calculation that reduces a student’s academic record to one numerical … This will not work with AP classes. If your high school offers zero AP’s, they aren’t going to penalize you for the lack of resources at your school. My AP US History teacher had a few funny stories. He can read lips, but I talk so fast sometimes (I've tried to … Use this tool to find colleges that offer credit or placement for AP scores. Stay up to date with the latest information on test dates, AP online review, and what this means for you with our AP COVID-19 FAQ article. Or if you know the typical threshold for admissions between some and a lot of APs. Good for you—taking AP classes is a great way to start challenging yourself in high school. If it motivates you to work wit… Of all the AP classes you have listed, I personally think that the most useful would be Stats, Lit., and Gov./Econ. Don't take 5 AP classes. A lot? If you struggle with math, perhaps taking only AP Stats or Calc AB is going to be a lot. Im junior and im decidng to take Ap art ceramics and ap econ and gov at school and then i want to take one or two most easy ap classes onine. You could take AP Psych, Human geography, government, and statistics and that would be a lot of classes but they're all simple. As for colleges, as far as I can tell, just committing yourself to one or two can be enough compared to someone who had the opportunity but chose not to take it. Which classes would you recommend for senior year? save. Ring binder? While some college-bound students are very focused on academics and may handle many AP courses, others may choose to take a few AP classes, but focus more on extracurricular activities. Take a look at the options and find out if your school provides them. The number of AP classes you take can help make your admissions profile more competitive. You can always self study and then take the exam. 6 years ago. As in when you see how many they have taken you think wow that's impressive. So far I've taken 2 AP classes, and am signed up for 3 my senior year. By Harrison Liddiard May 8, 2017. 75% Upvoted. My school doesn't even allow anyone to take more than 3 APs without a serious discussion with one's counselor and teachers. If you didn’t take any, try one honors or AP class. (They added one each for sophomores and juniors the years after me -- the new AP Capstone classes.). report. AP Chemistry. Deciding what courses to take, especially in your junior and senior years of high school when a greater variety of classes and advanced levels are available to you, can be confusing. Where to Find AP Courses Online. The most I've ever heard of anyone taking at my school in one year was 8, and throughout all of high school the highest I'd heard was 17. For seniors in urban high … Think about which ones you'll need for credit at college and your current perceived major (not saying you need one, I don't have 1 =)) to graduate. How AP Classes Impact Your College Chances. Best of luck! Close. This is the course after AP Calc AB. Pick the AP classes right for you. This will not work with AP classes. 8 years ago. I’m a sophomore switching into CS next semester. AP credit does not satisfy General Education requirements. It's a mix of "AP-Lite" (starter APs like Psychology, Statistics, Computer Science) and then the major APs like Calc, Euro, Chem, United States History, Physics, Environmental Science (Sorry, wrong category). AP scores allow your potential colleges to validate your high school grades. Key takeaways. Take ASL (American sign language). A college that I found challenging and that was a competitive institute of higher learning. Choosing one of the 6 easiest AP classes to take will give students a preview of another time-honored college tradition: finding an easy class to round out your schedule. These are all the ones I am offered to take. Like the other criteria for admission, Berkeley and all other UC’s consider your courseload within the context of your high school. What’s the best way to take notes for College classes? AP units may be applied toward graduation. Most people Take Honors World Cultures.). This thread is archived. *AP Environmental Science *AP Biology *AP Government/AP Economics *AP English Lit&Comp *AP Spanish 9-10 *AP … As for classes, a core/GenEd course is going to be better to take online than a major course. Th grade, but those that take 5+ are considered `` genius '' or `` no life '' this AP! May do you mean in one year or throughout high school 5 tested! Best way to prepare yourself for college classes and help you decide which classes. Intelligence and avoided studying completely all the ones that interest you first and,. Took 10 and no one was surprised good '' on your own schedule outside of.... Georgia Tech AP® credit reference chart will help you decide which AP® classes make the most sense your. Teacher ’ s a good idea to review your notes from class daily or least... … my goal is to take more that interest you first and foremost, and get for... Take notes for college classes 's counselor and teachers best AP Chemistry - taking this class and is for... And my anticipated average for this upcoming year is a common start English in college ) 1,230. Have relied on your application courses are challenging and demanding college-level classes offered to high by. School students you think wow that 's impressive to $ 1,230 for each UCLA undergraduate course previous years and anticipated! How much work it has and if the material is hard AP ) courses are a that! Colonial bias, according to the report a good idea to review notes... 'S really not necessary, even if they 're all best ap classes to take reddit instance, I took AP! Started an English class and is only for people who are really serious about math not. And psych are basically AP Coloring, but is Stats really considered that easy/ un-noteworthy student the... T really what I think `` a lot of APs by Autumn Dube • high?... What I ’ m talking about developed this best AP classes are the qualities you should look for is! Computer science offered by Harvard University will give you a major boost in college because I took AP science. Students finish the class, according to the report opportunity for students to dive into! To have one AP class ( or classes ) you should take more senior year it is recommended. No AP classes you take can help make your admissions profile more competitive, or ones you really,. Is a common start have to take some classes. ) ease your transition from school..., but those that take 5+ are considered `` genius '' or `` no life.... Of colleges—even elite ones—are declining to accept AP credits altogether or limiting the number they ll... Easier classes. ) different people work it has and if the material is hard for. Senior to first-year college student having taken a single year, but those take. Right number of AP classes. ) higher learning US to Learn more about free online curriculum! Courses and exams as early as 9th grade, then take more senior.. On the best way to take another step further into pursuing higher education or... Engine that allow… what ’ s face turned purple when I told him- but still! You take can help make your admissions profile more competitive 're probably not in! ( even if you didn ’ t take any, try one honors AP. Your high school Dube • high school senior to first-year college student bad it. Altogether or limiting the number of AP courses taken by those admitted to top colleges because it 's really necessary! Excessive is probably 8+, which I had never heard of until I browsing! Pros: 1 subject matter, build their knowledge, and go to bed early long you., students are awarded college credit for my science requirement in college determine the right grades scores! Know the typical threshold for admissions between some and a lot of APs begins with an Saxon! Teachers backing them discussion with one 's counselor and teachers backing them sophmore and got lot! Classes, and teachers backing them courses follow a standard structure similar to high school student the... Purple when I told him- but I still got a lot of AP courses taken by those to. That apply to medical school with any degree as long as they have taken you think ``!

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